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I went swimming this morning;
never swim on a full stomach.
The cereal tasted great


public speaking is easy
I love how confident I am
no need to practice



There once was a moon called Triton,
Who was fixated with a town near Brighton.
Four billion kilometres away
Not ideal for a short stay,
It’s Halloween and they need a good frighton.


There once was a boy called Jake
Who could bake but a very good cake
Left to his own devices
He used dried fruit and spices
The problem is, Stollen isn't a cake!



Everyday there's a new a blog post;
I click to see what I'm doing wrong in life.
What gives them the right?

No apologies

Saturday morning
Time to put my feet up
Wait, isn’t there a Meetup?
it’s creative writing
Time to put that Tweet up

Pick up prompts
or write what you want
You can write freely
about recent events on TV
He's risking war
Let's shut the door on—
the possibility
But it’s just a draft
I’m not finished
No apologies
No wait, Mariana . . .
Five more minutes please