this includes Writing my first song

I tried writing a song over the past few weeks called “The Moment Has Passed”. I’ve never written a song before, and because I enjoy writing poetry so much I wanted to give it a try. But, I’m not actually happy with the end result.

I think one of the challenges with starting something new is not being happy with your work. This is especially true at the very beginning. The poems, lyrics and short stories I’m working on at the moment won’t be my best work. And that’s OK. I’m going to try again and write another song.

PS: It’s been a couple of months since I published a new article, so sharing my last article about struggling with consistency seems appropriate here.

Hello there! I’m Richard Child, a new writer trying to finish my first short story.

After moving to Düsseldorf, I decided to join a creative writing meetup group. Aside from making some great friends, one of the writing prompts gave me an idea for a short story. By publicly sharing my progress, I’m hoping it will help keep me accountable.