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Struggling with consistency

Does this sound familiar? You have an idea for a blog, so you create a website, and for the first few weeks you start writing and publishing articles. Then the frequency of which you publish starts to drop, maybe the next article comes 1 month later. Then after a few more articles you stop writing.

Consistently writing and publishing content is tough. I struggle with this, and there’s time periods where I don’t publish anything. But if you look at the content you consume, whether it’s a blog, email newsletter, or podcast etc. The one successful trait they all share is publishing content consistently.

If this is also something you struggle with, ask yourself what can you do to help yourself write more consistently? I don't think there's an easy answer, as we're all different and struggle for different reasons. But I'd like to talk about one trick that I've found to be effective.

In the evenings and weekends, when I'm at home and on my laptop, I find that I easily get distracted. Whether it's watching Netflix, or just browsing social media, I'm not using the time wisely to write.

The best way I've found to tackle this problem is by installing a website blocker. The app I use is called SelfControl. I just list all of the websites that I think are causing distractions, set a timer, then I can't access those sites for that period of time. This means that if I know that I should be writing, I just set the timer, and it forces me to write if I'm on my laptop. There's also a max time limit of 24 hours, so the timer can't be accidentally set for 1 month. Why not give it a try?

Writing prompt

One of my favourite articles that I’ve written is called “Writing and sharing your first poem”, and at the end of each article I include a prompt to help you get started. This time I’d like you to write a poem about yourself that isn’t true. I struggle with confidence and public speaking, so I decided to write about that:

public speaking is easy
I love how confident I am
no need to practice

Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Set yourself a time limit. Then when you’ve finished, email me what you've written.

I’ll be sharing new articles as I learn how to write short stories, poetry and lyrics

Wait a minute, who are you?

Hello there! I’m Richard Child, a new writer that discovered his love of writing after moving to Düsseldorf and joining a creative writing group. I promise not to spam your inbox (because nobody likes that).