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I’m sitting here at the creative writing meetup, with a prompt in my hand, struggling for inspiration. So I want to write about something that’s been on my on mind recently: procrastiworking.

“Procrastiworking” is a term that I first heard from lettering artist Jessica Hische. It means to be working on something to put off the work you should actually be doing. The reason I started writing articles in the first place, was to help keep myself accountable for finishing my first short story. I know that actually finishing a piece of work can be a problem for a lot of writers, so my goal is simply to finish the story.

But, I’ve hardly made any progress with the story. Instead I’ve been writing poetry. I love the wordplay, and telling a story through rhyme. I will continue with poetry, but I also want to explore other forms of writing. A short story seems perfect to me, because I don’t want to attempt a longer novel just yet. As I think it would decrease my chances even more of reaching my goal.

I shouldn’t feel guilty for writing poetry instead, because at least I’ve been writing. But the truth is I do feel guilty. I set myself a goal and I’m not making progress towards that goal. It’s now time to sit down and do the work. Plus, I actually like the story idea, and I want to see it finished.

Writing prompt

The prompt this time is to write a poem about the future, and include a metaphor or simile. It’s a freestyle poem with no specific structure. I thought of SpaceX, so I tried to write a rhyming couplet about reusable rockets (but my syllable count is slightly off, I need to work on that):

His prediction of the future went just as planned,
as reliable as a rocket coming into land

Once you’ve written a poem, email me and let me know how you found the prompt. I read and respond to every email.

I’ll be sharing new articles as I learn how to write short stories, poetry and lyrics

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